How are Swell's portfolios different from sustainable ETFs?

Swell's portfolios differs from an ETF and even a mutual fund in the following ways:  

Fees: Swell investors are charged a single fee of 0.75% per year on the assets that are managed. For example, on an account of approximately $500, you will pay around $3.75 for the full year. For more information on our fees, please see here.

Investment Methodology: Swell Portfolios provide investors with a greater level of transparency into what you own. You can see the individual security holdings here. The factsheets also provide a deeper dive, especially on the impact of the portfolio holdings. Each portfolio is constructed with two important factors in mind - impact and performance. Swell blends its proprietary Engaged Impact Criteria™ with financial analysis. For more information on our approach, please see here. Additionally, our portfolio management team has experience not only managing institutional investments but also impact. You can meet our team here.

Taxes: Because Swell's portfolios are structured as separately managed accounts (SMAs), they can go well beyond the basic tax efficiency of ETFs by creating a additional tax benefit. Swell makes tax optimization on withdrawals possible. 

Customization: Additionally, in a Swell account, you have a greater level of customization: if you see a name that you'd rather not have in your portfolio we allow you to remove up to 3 holdings from your portfolio. You can make changes anytime you wish. Swell investors are shareholders of the companies in their portfolios which means that they are able to vote on shareholder resolutions and even attend portfolio companies annual meetings if they care to. 

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