I want to link my bank. What do I do if I can’t find my bank?

We support automatic banklinking for 1,500 banks and community credit unions through our partner, Plaid. If your bank is not on the list, we’ll need to make sure you own that account by having you confirm two random micro-deposits from our clearing firm, Folio Investments.

Select the option ‘can’t find your bank’ on the screen. You will then be asked to enter your bank account information. Once you have input your information, log into your checking/savings account with your bank to find the two small random amounts. If you do not see your microdeposits, wait 1-2 business days and check again. These are small amounts between 1 and 50 cents each.

Once you have received the micro-deposits, login to your Swell account and input the values of the random deposits. After confirming your account, Swell is able to transfer your money electronically and allows you to make additional deposits at any time.

In most cases, bank transfers will be deposited into your Swell account within two to three business days. Please note that any small deposits sent to your bank account for verification purposes will be withdrawn from that bank account within 10 business days.

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