What is a Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) Fee?

Certain regulators impose transaction fees to cover their costs of regulating the brokerage industry. The fees are passed through to customers as part of normal transaction processing. These fees will appear as a line item as an SRO Fee on your statement. The fee is levied on all security sales. The current rate is $23.10 for every $1,000,000 in sales proceeds. For a rough calculation of this fee, multiply your sales proceeds by 0.0000231.

For Example:

Sale Proceeds: $1,000

Current SRO Fee Rate = 0.0000231

Total SRO Fee = $0.02 ($1,000 * 0.0000231 = $0.0231)

***SRO fee rate is adjusted semi-annually. Rates shown as of April 2018. The fee is rounded up to the nearest penny.***

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