My 401(k) provider gave me paperwork to fill out. How can I get started?

Sometimes your plan provider asks that you complete some paperwork before processing the rollover. Take a look at our Rollover Glossary below for some of the most commonly-requested fields:

Account Number: Your 401(k) account number can be found on your account statement or your plan’s online portal. Don’t have access to either of these? Give your plan provider a call; they should be able to give it to you.


Receiving Account Number: This is your Swell account number. You can find this number by logging in to your Swell account and selecting “Manage Accounts” from the “Settings & Info” tab on the navigation bar.


Transaction Type: You can choose to do a Total or a Partial distribution. If you choose to do a partial distribution, you should also see a field where you can enter the dollar amount you would like to roll over.

Method of Delivery: Your rollover can be transferred to us via check:

Receiving Institution/ Check Instructions:

Payable: Folio Investments Inc. FBO [Your Name]

Memo section: Your Folio account number (found by clicking on ‘Settings & Info’ followed by ‘Manage Accounts’): “Rollover”

Instruct your plan provider to mail the check to:

Folio Investments Inc.

8180 Greensboro Dr. 
McLean, VA 22012
8th Floor 

Or, if they’re using a carrier other than USPS, instruct them to send it to the address below:

Folio Investments Inc.

8180 Greensboro Drive, 8th Floor

McLean, VA 22102


Tax Withholding: Direct Rollovers are not taxable. If there is a tax-withholding portion in your rollover form, you can either leave it blank or select the “opt out” option if it is available.

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you see any unfamiliar terms or need some help getting started.


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