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  • What are your fees? How does Swell make money?

    Our fees are flat, fair, and inclusive. You will pay 0.75% annually on your balance.

    Swell requires an initial minimum account balance of $50. We won’t penalize you if market performance causes your account to dip below $50, but if you choose to withdraw an amount that will take your account below the minimum, we will ask you to either skip the withdrawal or close your account instead.

    If all you ever do is put in your first $50, your annual fees will be approximately  $0.375 ($50 * 0.0075= $0.375).

  • What is it going to cost me to invest $50?

    Assuming an account balance of $50, your yearly fee would be $0.375 ($50 * 0.0075= $0.375), broken down into monthly installments.

  • Is there a custodial fee?

    No. We have no hidden fees so you'll never pay a custodial fee. The only fee you pay is our annual advisory fee (billed monthly).